Staffing Agency for Certified

Asbestos Abatement Workers

Dean Kinslow

Regional Sales Manager for the Mid-Western region of the US for all OSHA Certified Labor for Asbestos Abatement, Lead Abatement, Mold Removal, Demolition, Insulation for Temp to Perm and Permanent Staffing. Dean is in charge of the success of each and every project in his territory.

CRM’s National Reach

Our expertise in Staffing for Certified Asbestos Abatement, Lead Removal, Demolition and Mold, and our national access to mobile and local workers, positions us to provide a premium certified workforce for any project nationwide.

CRM’s Technology for Documents

We work with a Top Of The Line document management system that ensures everyone in your project has the certifications they need. From OSHA Cards, AHERA Certificates and Asbestos Licenses to Physicals and Fit Tests. Don’t Risk Getting Fines! Call us now to get started.

Picture of Dean Kinslow the Regional Manager

Our Process & Services

The best way to make it happen… Have a plan, execute and follow up!

What we do:

We work tenaciously with your team to discover your project’s specific needs so that we can match the right crew for your job site and company. With a database of nearly 2,500 crew nationwide and growing we have the ability to provide labor to any size project.

How we do it:

My team takes the time to get to know each client and ask questions to better understand the culture and goals of each client. We then diligently collaborate between my placement teams and clients to select the right crew.

Why it matters:

We don’t want just one project with your company.  My team wants to work with you for years to come and so we create long lasting relationships partnered with great trust. With exceptional communication and properly understanding each client’s personal needs. I know my team will exceed client expectations every single time.

Dean Kinslow

If you have the need for a supplemental labor crew in the mid-west, contact Dean Kinslow to get started.

Main Office:

3905 Vinceness Rd. Ste. 300 Indianapolis, IN 46268


Dean’s Region Local Workforce Reach

Our Headquarters is located in Indianapolis, IN. However we use some of these locations to manage local crew members as needed. If you need a local workforce, or a more hand-on approach to your project, we have access to any of these locations.

Local Asbestos Workers

Grand Rapids, MI

CRM Workforce Solutions
(Remote Office by Appointments ONLY)
250 Monroe Ave NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Project Manager: Rosario Gonzalez
Servicing: MI, WI, IL

Local Asbestos Workers Indianapolis, IN

CRM Workforce Solutions
3905 Vincennes Rd Ste: 300 Indianapolis, IN 46268
Project Manager: Rosario Gonzalez
Servicing: IN, OH, KY, east IL

Local Asbestos Workers Raleigh, NC

CRM Workforce Solutions
(Remote Office by Appointments ONLY)
421 Fayetteville St
Raleigh, NC 27601
Project Manager: Rosemarie Nash
Servicing: NC, VA, WV

Local Asbestos Workers

Towson, MD

CRM Workforce Solutions
(Remote Office by Appointments ONLY)
100 West Road
Towson, MD 21204
Project Manager: Rosemarie Nash
Servicing: MD, MA, south PA, NY

Local Asbestos Workers Pittsburgh, PA

CRM Workforce Solutions
(Remote Office by Appointments ONLY)
500 Grant St, Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Project Manager: Rosario Gonzalez
Servicing: PA

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