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Hi CRM Team. In this page you can find access to my calendar and links to schedule calls, emails and forms for Work Orders.

You can always call me, but to keep track of all pending work, please submit the Work Order by email clicking the button below.

Work Order

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All work orders for basic job posts, sales ads and recruitment flyers will be delivered within 48 hours. If the request is for High Resolution or Complex Designs for print, it may take up to 72 hours for delivery. I will deliver by email. Please let me know if you would like me to post the deliverables to Company’s Facebook page after reviewing it.

Information I need for Work Orders

Job Posts or Ads for Recruitment (24 to 48 hours for delivery)

I need to know the State, License Required, Pay (if required) Number of Crew Members, How Long, Hotel Yes or No and if there is any additional Incentive (Travel – Fuel – Extra Per diem, Etc.)

Ads for Sales Team (24 to 48 hours for delivery)

  • What do we want to sell?
  • Where or To Whom do we want to sell this to?
  • If it is an offer: please send the list of benefits to the customer

PDF Design or other High Resolution Design (48 – 72 hours for delivery)

I would need to know if you are printing on office printer or taking it to a printing company. Also dimensions needed (if known).

TEXT: “You know your Stuff” more than me. I will need, samples, content from competitors or any other information from you, so I understand the main idea and can design a good and effective piece.

Here you can enter the details of your  Work Order

I will do my best to get the order ASAP but it may take 48 – 72 hours