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Rossy Molina

Regional Project Manager in charge of Recruitment for Asbestos, Demolition, Insulators and General Clean-up. Rossy is in charge of all staffing and workforce management for every project in her region. Contact her now to get your application started!

Rossy’s States: FL, GA

About Rossy Molina

Over 7 years in the recruiting industry willing to go beyond any needs here to assist you .Currently recruiting in Florida and Georgia taking care of the onboarding new hire process  as a Florida and Georgia’s Operational support.

Rossy’s Region: Local and Traveling Workforce

Even though our recruitment process always starts Local, we encourage every crew member to get certified in every state so we can expand our customer’s reach. Ask Rossy about other state licenses you can apply for.

CRM’s Technology for Documents

We work with a Top Of The Line document management system that ensures everyone in your project has the certifications they need. From OSHA Cards, AHERA Certificates and Asbestos Licenses to Physicals and Fit Tests. Don’t Risk Getting Fines! Call us now to get started.

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